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Planned Giving

Student Shares Gratitude For Marymount Education

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StudentsWhen scholarship student Faith T. spoke at Marymount's Better Self for a Better World Conference for middle school girls last summer, she encouraged each girl to be confident in who she is, to stay true to herself, and to find her voice as a leader and as an advocate for social change. As Faith spoke to the seventh- and eighth-grade girls, she encouraged them to take healthy risks, and she assured them that if they have a sense of purpose and work hard enough, anything is possible. This same advice served Faith well during her own years in elementary school, junior high, and at Marymount.

When looking at high schools, Faith knew that she wanted a school where she could grow not only intellectually but also spiritually. A school where she could receive outstanding support and guidance, and a place that would provide her with the foundation she needed to get to college and to achieve her dreams.

Faith has excelled academically, and she has taken full advantage of every opportunity Marymount offers. She is a cherished member of our school community. Faith is but one of the 25% of Marymount's student body who gives witness to the efficacy of Marymount's Financial Aid Program.

Faith is grateful for the education that she has received at Marymount, and she is especially grateful to those who made her financial aid possible by having established planned gifts for financial aid endowment. This critical endowment ensures that students like Faith will have the opportunity to attend Marymount for generations to come.