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Planned Giving

Beloved Teacher Inspires Others To Consider Their Marymount Legacy

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StudentsChristopher (Kit) Utz has seen firsthand the transformative power of a Marymount education. As a beloved Marymount teacher, Athletic Director, and coach from 1977 to 1989, Kit was honored to work alongside Sr. Colette and the Sisters of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, and he valued his students' passion to learn, their empathy toward others, and their commitment to make a difference in the world.

Kit thinks fondly of his Marymount years and cites them as being among the happiest of his life. Though Kit shares that much has changed since his years at Marymount, he is pleased to know that the charism, mission and unique ethos of the school have remained the same. Kit returns annually to Marymount for reunion weekend, and he remains connected with many of the students and Sisters who touched his life in so many ways.

A loyal and consistent donor, Kit shares that Marymount emerged as his top philanthropic priority when it came time for estate planning. His desire to provide scholarship funds for future generations of Marymount students led Kit to leave a provision for Marymount in his will. By informing Marymount of his intentions and participating as a member of the Mother Butler Heritage Society, his actions inspire others to consider leaving a legacy for the future as well.

Marymount is blessed by the current and future impact of Kit's generous support, which will benefit students for generations to come.

Like Kit, you can impact future generations of Marymount students through a gift in your estate plan, your attorney or tax advisor can tell you how. Contact Rachel Grella-Harding at (310) 472-1205 or to notify the school if you have already made such a provision.