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Brenda Mahoney Lewis-Ruggiero '60 & Richard Ruggiero

Brenda Mahoney Lewis-Ruggiero and Richard Ruggiero

Brenda Mahoney Lewis-Ruggiero '60 and Richard Ruggiero

My husband, Richard, and I are very aware of how fortunate we are. We were both educators (now retired), and we completely agree that my experience at Marymount High School was very important. I have talked about Marymount often over the years, and I introduced the school to Rich many years ago. He was—and still is—so impressed with Marymount. Together, we decided to make the school the primary recipient of our charitable donations.

Last year, we were honored to create a named scholarship at the school that we have loved for so many years. We knew we had done the correct thing, but when we met "our" student for brunch on campus last spring, we were completely convinced that we had helped provide an incredible opportunity for a most deserving student. What a joy it was.

We look forward to following our student through her years at Marymount, and, hopefully, for years to come. To be able to share the tradition, values, and academic excellence that is Marymount with a student who might not otherwise have that experience is a feeling that is difficult to describe.

If you are reading this and you, too, feel fortunate, and if you can trace more than a little of that blessing back to Marymount, we highly recommend that you investigate and replicate what we did. We promise that you will be thrilled with the experience.

You can make an impact at Marymount, like Brenda and Richard did, by creating a scholarship for students in need. Contact Rachel Grella-Harding at (310) 472-1205 or to learn more.